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TS28 SILTER STB teflon iron shoe with aluminium frame

TS28 SILTER STB teflon iron shoe with aluminium frame

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TS28 SILTER STB teflon iron shoe with aluminium frame
Teflon iron shoe is an accessory used with a steam iron. It is designed to protect delicate fabrics from direct contact with the hot soleplate of the iron. The PTFE Teflon coating provides a non-stick surface, preventing the iron from sticking to fabrics and potentially causing damage.
It allows soft and quick ironing and avoids the risk of shiny effects, burns, and fabric adherence.
With this high-quality Teflon Shoe, you don’t need to worry about pressing cloths, wrong side pressing, 
low-temperature settings, and all the slow, tedious, time-wasting ways you use to prevent that unwanted shine. 
Just simply attach a Teflon Shoe to your iron. 
Teflon shoe is size length 230mm x width 125mm
Allows high iron settings for all types of fabrics.
Protect fabrics from shine and scorch.
Protects the sole plate of iron when ironing over zips and pins
Easy to install, the spring attachment is designed to fit any size of professional iron.
The porous construction of the base allows a hot stream to pass through.
Provides smooth non-stick & non-burn surface that glides over clothes for the perfect finish
Size length 230mm x width 125mm
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