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GROZ BECKERT Blindstitch Machine Needles-Size 110/18,29BL, 29-49, 29-34

GROZ BECKERT Blindstitch Machine Needles-Size 110/18,29BL, 29-49, 29-34

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Brand: Groz-beckert
Product Code: 29BL, 29-49, 29-34
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GROZ BECKERT Blindstitch Machine Needles-Size 110/18,29BL, 29-49, 29-34

These needles are manufactured in Germany

You will receive a pack of 10 high-end quality needles manufactured by  Groz-Beckert.

High-quality needles by a name you can trust.

Groz-Beckert is a well-known manufacturer of sewing machine needles, including blindstitch machine needles. The needle size you mentioned, 110/18, refers to the diameter and thickness of the needle. In this case, it means that the needle has a diameter of 0.16mm and is considered a size 100 needle.

The needle system "29BL" refers to the type of needle used for blindstitch machines. It is a specific needle system designed for blindstitching applications. The needle system 29-49 and 29-34 might refer to variations within the 29BL needle system, such as different needle points or configurations.

Blindstitch machine needles are primarily used for creating blind hems and other invisible stitching on fabrics. They have a special design that allows the needle to penetrate the fabric while making minimal visible holes on the surface.

If you have a blindstitch machine that requires these needle specifications, the Groz-Beckert blindstitch machine needles in size 100/16, 29BL, 29-49, and 29-34 should be compatible with your machine. It's always a good idea to consult your machine's manual or contact the manufacturer to ensure compatibility and get specific recommendations for needles.

Made in Germany
Needle Size 110/18
Needle System LWX6T 29BL
Point style Regular Point (R)
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