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SomaBond-Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread Size 40 Col.Dark Pink

SomaBond-Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread Size 40 Col.Dark Pink

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SomaBond-Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread Size 40 Col.Dark Pink  

SomaBond is a high-tenacity thread. It is ideal for multi-directional and high-speed industrial sewing. Ideal for leather goods.

SomaBond is a type of bonded nylon thread. Bonded nylon thread is known for its strength, durability, and versatility. It's commonly used in various sewing applications requiring a strong, reliable stitch, such as in upholstery, leatherworking, outdoor gear construction, and automotive upholstery.

Material 100% Nylon 


Leather goods, shoes, canvas, upholstery and furniture, belts, car seats, and many more. 

Features & Benefits:

• High Abrasion Resistance

• High water repellent properties

• Chemically stable and inherently rot-proof

• Versatile thread with superior sewing capabilities

• Available in ticket sizes 20, 40 

• Various spool sizes available, this include 1600m, 3200m 

• Various card sizes available for a small repair, this includes 10m, 20m, or 1m 

Needle size 

Tkt size 20 / needle size 140-160 

Tkt size 40 / needle size 110-130

Needle and Thread Chart For Sewing Machines

The following chart compares various bonded nylon or polyester sewing thread specifications and the minimum needle sizes required

The V size is the common US measurement for twisted, multi-ply bonded nylon or polyester threads. Larger numbers indicate heavier threads.

The T sizes represent the "Tex" measurement system, where the number equals the weight in grams of 1000 meters of thread. If 1,000 meters weighs 70 grams, it is a Tex 70 thread. Larger numbers indicate heavier threads.

Please note that the "Tkt" (Ticket) sizes are equivalent to Metric "M" thread sizes used in some countries. Smaller numbers indicate heavier threads.

Minimum Needle US/Metric Thread Size: V (T) [Ticket] Government Size Yds/Pound Break Strength Diameter

12/80 33 (T30) [Tkt 80] AA 13,800 1.8 lbs .0050" (.127mm)

14/90 46 (T45) [Tkt 60] B 9,600 7.5 lbs .0094" (.238mm)

16/100 or 18/110 69 (T70) [Tkt 40] E 6,000 11 lbs .0115" (.292mm)

19/120 92 (T90) [Tkt 30] F 4,200 14.5 lbs .0133" (.337mm)

22/140 or 23/160 138 (T135) [Tkt 20] FF 3,000 22 lbs .0163" (.414mm)

24/180 207 (T210) [Tkt 15] 3 Cord 2,000 32 lbs .0200" (.508mm)

25/200 277 (T270) [Tkt 10] 4 Cord 1,500 45 lbs .0231" (.586mm)

26/220 346 (T350) [Tkt 8] 5 Cord 1,200 53 lbs .0258" (.655mm)

Application Upholstery, leather goods, luggage, belts, canvas tents & boats and many more.
Length 1600m
No. / Tkt. 40
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