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SomaBond-Bonded Nylon Thread Col.Gold (421)

SomaBond-Bonded Nylon Thread Col.Gold (421)

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Brand: Somac
Product Code: Gold (421)
Condition: New
Tkt and spool size:
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SomaBond-Bonded Nylon Thread Col.Gold (421)
SomaBond is a high tenacity thread. It is ideal for multi-directional and high-speed industrial sewing. Ideal for leather goods.
Material 100% Nylon 
Leather goods, shoes, canvas, upholstery and furniture, belt, car seats, and many more. 

Features & Benefits:

• High Abrasion Resistance
• High water repellent properties
• Chemically stable and inherently rot-proof
• Versatile thread with superior sewing capabilities
• Available in ticket sizes 20, 40 
• Various spool sizes available, this include 1600m, 3200m 
• Various card sizes available for a small repair, this includes 10m, 20m, or 1m 
Needle size 
Tkt size 20 / needle size 140-160 
Tkt size 40 / needle size 110-130

Application Upholstery, leather goods, luggage, belts, canvas tents & boats and many more.
Length 3000
No. / Tkt. 40
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